Keeping your precious little ones safe and healthy is our #1 priority. That’s why we put in a state of the art security system throughout our facility. We have cameras in every classroom, hallway and even outside, as well as a secured entry with controlled accessed. Our alarm system is linked up with the police and fire departments, and we have a comprehensive plan in place in the event of an emergency. We took no chances when it comes to safety.


Little Marvels takes several steps in order to help keep children healthy, such as:

  • Keeping our facility nut free and being mindful of other allergies
  • Serving children organic food
  • Cleaning and sanitizing daily, and using natural disinfectants whenever possible, like washing our floors with vinegar
  • Adhering to a “no outside shoes” policy inside our classrooms; children keep a change of shoes at school that they wear while inside, and parents either remove their shoes or put on our shoe covers before entering classrooms
  • Washing hands frequently

Once children’s basic needs of health and safety are met, we can then focus on providing them with the fun and enriching educational experience they deserve.